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Wrinkles, Where Do You Draw The Line?

Arguably the most hated lines – wrinkles. There may be certain cultures where wrinkles are
celebrated, but we can assume that in general, a lot of us try to use products and avail of
treatments that can help minimise them if not totally make them disappear.

Wrinkles do not only give away somebody’s age, or worse, make someone appear much older
than they are, it also is associated to stress and hence the more lines or wrinkles there are in
someone’s face, the more stressed they are perceived to be. This may have pushed the surge
on the demand for anti-aging products and the advancement in the technology for anti-aging

We mentioned earlier today how wrinkles are seemingly associated to high levels of stress.
But is it really one of the causes of premature aging and wrinkles? Some of the most common
causes of wrinkles (and the ones we are most familiar with) are:

• Sun Damage
• Smoking
• Excessive Drinking
• Age
• Sun Damage
Excessive exposure to the harmful rays (UV rays) of the sun can most definitely cause
premature wrinkles – which in turn makes you age prematurely, as well. That is why it is
strongly suggested to apply SUNSCREEN before going under the sun and to reapply frequently
when staying outdoors. If you’re going to be outdoors for long periods, you can maybe use
added protection like an umbrella or a cap, anything that will give you a little bit of shade.

• Smoking
Smoking may inflict the reduction in the production of new collagen on your skin, and this is
why smoking is associated with wrinkles and early aging.

• Excessive Drinking
Consuming alcohol excessively can have detrimental effects on the skin. Alcohol depletes
essential vitamins, particularly vitamin A, leading to a significant reduction in the skin’s
collagen levels. Consequently, the skin may lose its natural elasticity, resulting in the
development of wrinkles.

• Age
As you enter your 20s, the production of collagen in your skin decreases. This gradual decline
over time results in thinner and more fragile skin. Factors such as the reduction of fat,
impaired functioning of collagen and elastin, and repetitive muscle movements also play a
role in the initiation of wrinkles.

While among the common causes of wrinkles, AGE is the element that is not within one’s
control, there are numerous ways how you can help prevent premature aging, promote
collagen production, and overall help have younger-looking, wrinkle-free skin.


The advancement in technology has not only continued to help us live more efficient lives, it
has also been helping us with our self-confidence boost as it provides us with a multitude of
options to help take care of our skin, hair, and bodies.

Some of the more popular treatments include:

A non-invasive skin treatment that helps tighten and give the face a lift.

Another non-invasive treatment that helps with skin tightening and promotes the production
of collagen.

• Fillers
Such as JUVEDERM, helps with the overall improvement of appearance of the face. It helps
bring back volume to any area within the face that may have hollowed or lost its natural fuller,
healthier look.

• Botulinum Toxin
Injections that help smoothen wrinkles on the face. It relaxes heavily used muscles on the
face hence preventing too much movement on the face and helps with minimising lines.

While the above treatments are proven effective, they are temporary and may require to be
redone at specific intervals, depending on the condition of the wrinkles on your face.


As it goes with the skin treatments, there is an abundance of skincare products available in
the market that target aging, wrinkles, and skin conditions related to it.

At DSQ Elite, our CLINICAL-GRADE anti-aging skincare products are doctor-recommended,
science-backed, and also have a list of positive feedback from its users.


• Gentle Vitamin-Rich Cleanser
A gentle cleanser that promotes skin hydration hence helping with minimising the appearance
of lines and wrinkles on your face.

• Ultra-Moist Radiance Serum
With the mildest form of AHA peel, it helps brighten the skin, refines pores, and smooths out
fine lines and wrinkles.

• Gentle Aqua Balancing Toner
Contains Biosaccharide gum-1 or “SMART sugar “which provides soothing, moisturising, antiaging, restructuring, and soft-touch properties.


• Restorative Hydration Cream
A morning and evening cream that helps with smoothing and plumping the skin. Creating a
more youthful look.

• Multi-Action Cream
Formulated with PTT-6® for daily skin rejuvenation, Boosts collagen and elastin production,
and repairs and restores all skin layers for a more youthful glow.

• Recovery Night Complex
An extraordinary overnight skincare marvel. This product hydrates the skin deeply with the
power of hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate.


• Age-Defying Skin Glowing Moisturising Cream
A multi-purpose face & neck day or night cream. It provides instant long-lasting hydration,
promotes natural anti-aging and lifted appearance.


• Heliocare 360º Gel Oil-Free SPF 50
Unique oil-free serum is a powerhouse in preventing and repairing DNA damage,
safeguarding your skin from premature aging. As mentioned earlier, one of the main causes
of wrinkles is sun damage, and one way to combat that would be to use sunscreen during the
day. Staying indoors? Yes, you still need sunscreen. Contrary to assumption, the harmful UV
rays of the sun can penetrate through windows, thus its harmful effects still affecting your
skin even when you are staying indoors.

While wrinkles can definitely be embraced and be another feature in your face that makes
you uniquely you, there are also ways to help either remove them or make them less visible
if those lines are starting to affect your confidence.

Some other simple yet surely effective tricks that you can apply would be:

• Drink loads of water
This is not magic, but it helps to hydrate from the inside as well.

• Do not squint!
If you are having some issues with your vision, best to see an eye doctor to have it sorted. The
stronger you squint, the more overworked your facial muscles would be. Overworked facial
muscles then would create wrinkles. So yes, got those spectacles, and do not overwork your
facial muscles, especially your forehead when concentrating.

• Sleep on your back (whenever possible)
We all move when we sleep and when your deep into dreamland, you wont really have
control over your sleep positions. But whenever you can, try and sleep on your back. Sleeping
on your sides (which means you are pressing your face onto a pillow) may create wrinkles on
your chin and cheeks.

Wrinkles, you either embrace it or you don’t want any trace of it on your face. If it’s the latter,
there is a wide array of treatments that will be bespoke to your needs at Dermstetiq Clinic.
With consultation with a medical aesthetician, you are assured that the treatment you are
doing is safe and effective.

Looking into going one step further and having your own at-home skincare routine to fight
wrinkles? Head to WWW.DSQELITE.COM and grab your anti-aging products now!


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