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Boost Your Immune System with CellAge+ Stem Cell Supplements! When your cells are healthy, your body thrives. CellAge+ is a natural stem cell supplement made in the USA from plants, designed to transform age-related issues and reverse degenerative diseases.

Key Features of CellAge+:

• Proven clinical studies demonstrate the creation of millions of new adult stem cells in just 5 hours.
• Nourishes and empowers your existing cells.
• Wakes up dormant or ‘hibernating’ stem cells.
• Reduces inflammation in your body.
• Strengthens your immune system.
• 100% safe and natural formulation.

Revitalize your health with CellAge+ and experience the benefits of a thriving immune system!

How To Use

For Adults:

• 2-4 sachets per day
• Acute or chronic illness 4 sachets per day. Take before breakfast and dinner.
• For maintenance, 2 sachets per day before breakfast

For Children:
• 1-2 sachets per day (It can be served with any drink or liquid. Mixing it with milk is not recommended)

Recommended: Take directly from sachet, place it under your tongue, and then swallow.

Young Wheat Grass Powder (Triticum Sativum), Chlorella Growth Factor(Chlorophycea Extractof Nucleic Acid), Quercetin (Quercetin Polyphenols), Xylitol, Superberries, Fucoidin (Extract from Okinawan Brown Algae), Black Sesame Seed Powder (SesaPlex & Sesamin), Curcumin (Extract fromTurmeric), Alpha Polysaccharide Polypeptide (Oryza Sativa Cell Food – APP), Pisum Sativum, Sunfiber Prebiotic Guar Seed Fiber


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