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HairGrowth + In Clinic


Introducing Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin® – the gold standard in hair restoration. Trusted by users, endorsed by scientists, dermatologists, and healthcare professionals globally, this breakthrough formula is backed by over 100 scientific studies in esteemed peer-reviewed journals. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is underscored by our partnership with the world’s leading experts in hair loss and thinning, all vouching for its clinical efficacy and safety. What sets Hair Growth+ inCLINIC apart is its all-natural ingredients, scientifically proven to be both safe and effective. Say goodbye to worries about side effects, as our placebo-controlled, double-blind studies confirm its remarkable safety profile. Unlike other pharmaceutical options, Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is free from discomfort-inducing side effects, offering a hassle-free path to regaining your lush locks. Invest in your hair’s future today and experience the transformation you deserve.

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How To Use


Take three tablets daily orally, in separate doses, preferably after meals. Continue this regimen for a minimum of 4-6 months or until you are satisfied with the results as prescribed. Afterward, transition to a reduced-dose maintenance regimen, as outlined below.


Consume one tablet daily orally, preferably after a meal, indefinitely. If you find the need for an additional boost in hair growth during this period, revert to the initial activation dosage for the recommended minimum duration of therapy. It’s important to note that you can expect the first clinical effects to become noticeable after an average of 3 months of consistent therapy. This regimen is suitable for all hair types and colors. For added convenience, you may choose to split the daily dose into two separate administrations. In this case, take 2 tablets in the morning after breakfast and 1 tablet in the evening after dinner.

Key Ingredient Marilex®-P Obtained through a proprietary extraction process from fractionated fish extract Has high ratios of specific bioactive proteoglycans Replenishes critical proteoglycans during the Anagen phase Prevents follicular miniaturisation


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