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Professional Pigment Solution


Introducing the Professional Pigment Solution, a groundbreaking treatment for skin discoloration that combines two revolutionary technologies and proven clarifying solutions. This safe and long-term solution not only works effectively on its own but also complements clinical pigmentation procedures for comprehensive care.

– Addresses hyperpigmentation and melasma
– Strengthens the skin’s reaction to inflammation, a key cause of discoloration
– Boosts the skin’s repair mechanisms with proprietary CALECIM® proteins
– Accelerates natural autophagy to degrade and remove unwanted melanin
– Inhibits Tyrosinase, the enzyme catalyzing melanin production
– Obstructs melanin transfer and reduces free radical oxidation
– Provides a long-term solution, treating the entire process of discoloration
– Builds skin resilience to environmental stimuli, reducing reactivity and disruption

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How To Use

– Apply before moisturizer, Multi-Action Cream, or Restorative Hydration Cream
– One pump per facial region, three pumps for full coverage
– Use sunscreen liberally daily, reapplying every 3 hours when exposed to direct sunlight or water


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