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Acne Skin Bundle


Treat your acne issues and help your skin to recover and look fresh, clear and without acne. All products are suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.

Spot-On Acne Gel: This is a medical-grade beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) formula that treats and acne spots instantly.
Pore Clearing Serum: A special formula of natural botanicals and essential oils help to control oil production and clear pores.
Oil-Free Hydrating Emulsion: An oil-free emulsion formulated with all-natural plant and fruit extracts.

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Salicylic acid – Cucumber Extract ,Salicylic Acid – 7 natural botanicals and essential oils, Suitable for only and acne-prone skin, Squalane – Vitamin E- Argan Oil – Natural Plant Extracts – Fruits Extracts


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