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LeanAge – 60 Sachets


Introducing LeanAge: The Ultimate Fat-Burning Innovation

LeanAge isn’t your typical weight loss product. It’s a groundbreaking solution that activates brown fat cells in your body, addressing the very essence of weight gain.

• Burns Fat More Efficiently, Converting White Fat Cell to Brown Fat Cell for Maximum Results
• 100% Natural, Completely Safe, and Highly Effective
• Targets the Root Cause of Weight Gain

White Adipose Tissue (White Fat Cell):

Makes up 15-25% of the body, leading to obesity.
Found under the skin and around organs.
Linked to diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, and cancer.

Brown Adipose Tissue (Brown Fat Cell):

Comprises <5% of the adult body, the “good fat.”
Mainly in the clavicle, neck, and spine.
Burns white fat cells, with high metabolic activity.

How To Use

5 Steps for Successful Fat Loss with LeanAge

1. Take 2 LeanAge sachets daily (morning and night).
2. Stick to a low-carb, low-GI diet.
3. Follow the 16/8 fasting method (16 hours without food, 8 hours with food).
4. Reduce your daily portion sizes by half.
5. Drink 2500-3000ml of water daily.

Curcumin, Piperine, Ginger Root, Green Tea, Monkfruit, Superberries,
MCT Oil (Coconut Oil), Xylitol, Chia Seeds, Flaxseed, Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder


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